Tea, or chai, is entrenched in India’s culture. Though it is considered to be a legacy of the British, herbal teas were a part of Ayurvedic medicine centuries ago, across India. Tea is, today, considered to be the culture of India. Ashok Malkani not only gauges the popularity o... Read More
Feb - Mar 2021
Hot Opportunities in Cold Ice Cream Business
The advent of summer sees the ice cream industry in full flush. Irrespective of age, almost everyone is slurping on this delicacy. Though ice creams enjoy a massive demand all year round it ... Read More
The Priceless Spice
To put it simply, saffron is a spice. Of course, this definition also needs to be followed by several descriptions and explanations. One of them is that saffron is the costliest spice on the... Read More
The Indian Cottage Cheese
Paneer is the most in-demand dairy product in India. It is a fresh and delicate cottage cheese or milky cheese, rich in all nutrients as well as delicious in taste. In the Indian sub-contin... Read More
Intricacies of Olive Oil
While most traditional bakery recipes include the usage of butter, fat, lard, or sometimes vegetable, the Chefs constantly try to tweak things to discover healthier and newer options. Howeve... Read More