Emerging Baking Trends
Change is the only constant thing in life. Like the seasons change so do the people’s desires and their taste for food. Some of the popular and mouth-watering food preparations come from the bakery industry. Parties and festivals seem incomplete without bakery products, which o... Read More
Oct - Nov 18
VADP Route for India’s Dairy Industry
India is the world’s largest milk producer but competitiveness, cost of production, productivity of animals, etc. are factors that are affecting the profitability of our dairy industry. Li... Read More
Flour Analyses for Appraisal of Dough Characteristics
The measurement of the flour’s total protein content takes into account of gluten and non-gluten protein. As the protein compounds are the main nitrogen containing ingredients of the flour... Read More
Can Add Health to Bakeries
Papaya is the fruit of the plant of the same name. The plant is also known as Carica papaya. The papaya plant comes in three sexes. According to Wikipedia, the male papaya plant produces onl... Read More
Her Sugar Flowers Waft Success
it is very important to embrace your love, explore your passion and find your own happiness in the crowded and largely insensitive world, comprising everyday laughter, tears, hopes, worries ... Read More
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