Rocking Rolls
A decade back when one talked of rolls, the normal visualisation was of a sweet bread in the shape of a roll. But times have changed. Rolls now comprise of vegetarian or non-vegetarian food wrapped in hand made Indian bread, known as rotis and parathas.... Read More
Feb - Mar 2017
The Growing Role of Bakery Ingredients
The Indian bakery industry is going through impressive growth rate. The reasons are probably the huge number of nuclear families in urban India and the fast-paced lifestyles of a sizeabl... Read More
Bread is one of the oldest man made food products, whose usage by humankind dates much beyond the recorded history. There is indication that humankind used to have bread even 30,000 years ag... Read More
Homemade Chocolates: Points to Ponder
Chocolates can be construed as an ideal means of celebrating happiness. They can help us express our love and gratitude towards our loved ones. Many sweet-toothed Indians of all ages find th... Read More
Ketchup Spreads its Tastes
India’s ketchup and sauce market, pegged at Rs. 1,000 crore, is primarily driven by the growing demand for fast food Think of ketchup and your mouth might already start watering at the ... Read More
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