Gifts Packed and Baked
The Ras Garba during the Navratri festival is followed by Dussehra and is to be followed by Diwali. This festive season is also the gifting season for many Indians. But gifting trends are changing and you find people, all over the country, exchanging exquisitely g... Read More
Jun - Jul 17
Get Floored by the Flour Business
The increasing demand from fast food restaurants in India for burger buns and other bakery products has perhaps given an impetus to the need for flour, thus creating an opportunity for a... Read More
The Prevailing Trends
The Indian bakery market is estimated to be worth Rs. 16,500 crore and it is growing at a healthy rate of 7.5 percent per annum. Products like bread, biscuit and cake are the mainstays of th... Read More
Tiered for Celebrations
Inspired by the spire of a church and triggered by a baker’s urgent need to express love, tiered cakes have gained currency over the years as they add extravaganza to an occasion ... Read More
Sandwiched with Tastes
It is very difficult to conceive a standard bakery without a sandwich. It is easy and quick to make and it can be filling, tasty and healthy too, if the right types of breads and ingredien... Read More
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Food Industry
Food Industry